what we offer

Zero Pesticides, 100% Natural


No trace of pesticides on our products which makes them 100% natural 

1 hour EXPRESS Delivery 

Bid goodbye to long waits from online snack orders. Everything here will be delivered to you within 1 hour with the express shipping!

Trusted Source


We only source from trusted farms that practice sustainability and are ethical.

Accessibility Guaranteed

Everything is portioned out to snack-able sizes which makes it easier for you to just simply enjoy!

Best Quality

Individually hand plucked at the farm and goes through professional quality control in the factory, giving you only the optimal quality for your healthy treats.

Always Fresh


Directly sent from the factory to our pantry and immediately delivering to you, the low shelf life makes our products always fresh.

fast delivery!

free delivery above $70

carefully handled

Hand-Picked Harvest

we are attentive to the quality of our nuts, which is why we ensure that the nuts are carefully hand picked in the farm before being sent to the factory for further quality control. 

quality control

Quality Guaranteed

the nuts you receive will go through meticulous quality control, going through moisture tests, count tests and many more because only the best can be given to you. 

low shelf-life

100% Fresh

once delivered to us, it will be sent to our pantry to pack into your individual orders before sending it out to you!

Extremely convenient

Delivered to You

hassle free and no more week long waiting times! once you have ordered through our site, you will get them within 2 hours at the comfort of your home, or even your office! 

our best sellers



Almonds (Baked)